Events - Tuesday, December 3

Hands on: Phyllo and Puff Pastry

December 3, 2019
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Hands-on Phyllo & Puff Pastry Class

Appetizer: Spanikopita
Appetizer: Baked Brie in Croute with Apricot Jam & Toasted Walnuts
Entrée: Chicken Pot Pies
Dessert: Apple Tart with Port Soaked Cherries
Dessert: Pecan Pie Ice Cream & Baklava Rolls

Celebrate the holiday season with Chef Lucindy, two-time “NC Best Dish” award-winner and former chef at the Yancey House Restaurant--and get a head-start on your Christmas preparations by learning how to use Puff Pastry and Phyllo—the secret to time-saving culinary creations.

Crispy puffs, as light as air--puff pastry reigns supreme but takes nearly four hours to make from scratch. In this hands-on class, we will be using store-bought puff pastry to make savory chicken pot pies and apple tarts with port-soaked cherries glazed with jam.

We will also be working with phyllo, which can be a bit more difficult to handle, but at our holiday party, you will learn techniques that will make you a phyllo aficionado so that you can prepare baklava rolls and Greek Spanakopita for your holiday guests.

$45 per person, limited seating available. Please reserve your seat by Friday, November 29.